The Very First Donation from the Cardano Pool MEOW


1,766.058539 ADA

Total donated

$405.37 USD


Elena’s animal shelter in Odesa, Ukraine.

Elena maintains hundreds of cats and dogs, treats them, even if they have complicated cases with oncology.


  1. Withdrawal of the rewards: 1,766.058539 ADA.

    Transaction 62de2823ef77450a2aa3b7eababc1cbd5508c2c77e6435c90e22aa339be794ec

    (I should have sent it to Coinbase directly to avoid fees, but I derped.)


  2. Sending to Coinbase: 1,765.894314 ADA, fee: 0.164225 ADA.

    Transaction b94751d25180808b862f53e5ac5fad1b585496d19b109b8d2bfada5eabcc617e

    Sending to Coinbase

  3. Receiving on Coinbase: 1,765.894314 ADA.

    Receiving on Coinbase

  4. Selling ADA to PayPal: 1,765.894314 ADA, fiat: $574.78 CAD, fee: $8.69 CAD.

    Selling ADA to PayPal

  5. Receiving on Coinbase: $574.78 CAD

    Receiving on Coinbase

  6. Donating to Elena: $574.78 CAD = $405.37 USD, fee: 0.

    Donating to Elena

Written on December 30, 2022